It started with looking for picture books to read to my preschool students in Taipei in 2016. As I spent my days with four year olds, my dreams and imagination became more vivid. In turn, I wanted to facilitate curriculum and share books that nurtured children’s imaginations. One of my favorite books to read aloud to […]

Art Education

June 19, 2023

What I’ve Learned From a Decade of Curating Books

Last August, when I was 35 weeks pregnant, my family and I threw a baby shower fiesta! It was amazing watching family and friends from different cultural backgrounds and experiences speak common languages like love, celebration and dance.  My mom and aunts blessed me one by one by putting a marigold in my lap and […]


June 14, 2023

Use Culture as a Tool to Motivate Kids

This is how to make the kids love reading with culture

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